Dear Baker,

Let’s start with how incredibly inaccessible you are. Just to get to you is a struggle. Every morning, I internally debate whether it’s better to take the 67 stairs from the left or take the uphill battle from the right. Either way, it’s a climb to reach you and every time I step inside, I’m working on catching my breath.  

Once I’m inside, I’m convinced that the concept of time does not exist within your walls. It feels like days and weeks go by from the time that I enter until the time that I am freed. On Thursdays, for example, I come in at 11:00 am to visit my best friends in 157 Baker for tutoring hours, then I have lecture in the infamous Baker 200 for an hour. Lastly, I get to head up to the 3rd floor for a 3 hour lab.

Baker 200’s horrible design is partly to blame for my overall frustration with the building. Who would structure a lecture hall for 800+ people as is? I need to aggressively climb over at least 4 people before getting to an open seat, and my “sorry” and “excuse me”s are always reciprocated with an eye roll or sometimes even a death stare. I’m sorry, but I’m just trying to be seated for class!

From office hours to lectures to labs to prelims, it feels like everything that I do revolves around you. No matter how hard I try to pull away, I’m uncontrollably attached to you. So even though you suck, I admit that I need you.


The Average Pre-med