My Dearest Okenshields,

When I descend your steep and aggressive stairs, a movement erupts in my soul. It isn’t because all morning I lived off bagels and flavored water, or that the smell of your food makes me hangry. It is because of your melodies, your sweet tunes, your Top 30 of the 2000’s. The affections I have for you and your timeless anthems know no bounds, but alas, I must articulate my emotions for you in less space than I would like. Though an epic poem would be most fitting, I will use my words sparingly to share with all 14,315 Cornellians my one and only devotion.


The Okenshield’s playlist is the only thing that can change my temperamental mood or alter my perception of Ithaca life. The Princeton Review may have you as #3 in dining halls, but you are #1 in my heart. Everything gets better the moment that Justin sings, “It’s gonna be MAY,” or Nelly sings to Kelly, “But baby I love you, oh, and baby I need you.” Honestly, I don’t even like P!nk, but within your walls I somehow enjoy her music enough to almost forget there’s an exclamation point in her name.


With your killer playlist, you ease my apprehension of eating quinoa while waiting in the absurdly long Healthy Harvest line. I may butcher the lyrics to Britney’s “Circus” or Jesse McCartney’s “Leavin”, but you don’t care Okenshields, you know I’m just reliving my Radio Disney Days. Okenshields, you try to make my day a little better with the Backstreet Boys and Mariah Carey and I truly appreciate that. Know that it’s because of your Top 30 throwbacks that you will always be on top.


Most lovingly,

Your devoted fan