So, it’s been a while. I would be ashamed or regretful, but that would imply that I thought I had readers. Since this is not the case, I am really not all that worried about it. Again while I have been gone the American voters have started to resemble an old Monty Python sketch. In the sketch the Pythons run their own political coverage between the silly candidates and the sensible party. However in some districts there are some slightly silly candidates as well as some very silly candidates. The Republicans have been silly enough in their own right though it seems like recently the votes have been split between the very silly candidate and the regular candidate though any candidate willing to go out on a limb and move to the less silly end of the spectrum may as well pack his bags (see Jon Huntsman.) Thankfully the very silly candidates in the early going did little more than split the vote a la (Bachmann, Cain, Perry.) Now though, the vote has been all too close split between the silly and the “completely gaga.” To attract the Republican voter, Mitt Romney has been forced to the silly and whenever he tries to go the slightly silly or even the sensible side he is shot down in the polls. Rick Santoroum who started silly with his hawkish rhetoric against well everyone who is not evangelical, his goal to invade Iran, and his fabrications against whoever is convenient. Then went sillier by doing all of the above ever more vigorously. So basically long story short, the pythons were right, we are doomed to silly candidates.