Sounds Like: Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, sex

Miguel’s sophomore album, Kaleidoscope Dream has been out for a couple of months, and yet I for some reason refused to listen to it until my sister forced me to. Now I will be my sister for all you guys.  If you’re looking for that perfect song to add to your sex playlist, look no further, about 80% of this album is made for that exact playlist. On top of his voice, Miguel is also gorgeous in a way that only a Half African American and Half Hispanic man can be. Just look above.

For some weird reason, Miguel has until now only been popular with dedicated R&B fans, yet his music can appeal to a wider crowd.  Various songs in his album touch on hip hop, funk and reggae and yet all blend to create an extremely cohesive album. What holds every song together is his amazing voice that manages to force the listener to feel everything he feels as he sings.  The songs are simple, almost like a romantic comedy and yet the feelings that we get while listening to it are anything but simple.


For your viewing pleasure here’s the video for the lead single off the album, “Adorn” which only hints to the sexiness that is in the rest of the album.