On Saturday, February 7 during Aziz Ansari’s visit to Bailey Hall. My friend Casey and I made the unfortunate decision of getting dinner in Collegetown before attending the 7:30pm show. Mid meal, abnormally large clumps of snow start falling from the sky. Soon enough, this proved to be a huge obstacle in getting all the way up to Bailey from Collegetown. During the trek a (typical) mutant Ithaca snowflake bounced into my eye, but being the same size as said eye, it was a bit blinding. During the journey, Casey crossed yet another line off of her “161 Things To Do” list, (ignore any and all “no winter maintenance” signs). Despite the treacherous journey, at least we decided to brave the elements like real women and not take the T-Cat. Apparently it crashed, everyone was fine.

The first comedian, Dan Levy, began the actual show by recounting a conversation with Justin Timberlake. I had no idea who he was before the show, and only a vague idea of what Aziz Ansari was about.  Levy was funny in my opinion, but relied a little too heavily on not entirely necessary or awesome uses of the word f***. I loved it when he called out people in the first row for texting and coming in late. The shocked looks of the insulted were priceless. His roommate’s ignorant ingestion of his pot brownies was one of the focal points of his act; though the buildup was hilarious, the conclusion of the story was a letdown.

Aziz first recounted his romantic failures and described his general lack of “game.” While this joke had some moments of humor, it was not the most riotous portion of the performance. I felt that his strength as a comedian is not so much of composing jokes, as it is presenting the humorous affairs of others. The retelling of his cousin Harris’s interesting college application composition was golden, and according to the excitement of the audience, Harris’s exploits are one of the most popular and beloved parts of his comedic performance. My favorite portion of the show came after his official act when the crowd persuaded Aziz to discuss a few of his favorite hip-hop artists. Aziz granted their wishes and explain some of his favorite artists recent behaviors. R Kelly’s video explanation of the word “echo” was ridiculous enough to be riotously funny. Finally, 50 Cent’s confusion over the non-purple nature of grapefruit juice was the funniest thing I had heard all week.

Have I been transformed into an avid fan of Aziz Ansari? Not really, though I was not disappointed. However, I thoroughly enjoyed everything the fans in attendance were most enthusiastic about, so I might have to ask a few of them which episodes of Parks and Recreation I should watch.