When you’re stressing over prelims and essays the best reliever and only answer is to take a refreshing nap. You can forget your troubles and dream of simpler times. But the key to a successful nap is knowing where to take them. Here’s a list of some of the best places to take a quick snooze around campus:

Mann Library, Second Floor


Mann Library takes the cake when it comes to a nice place to sleep. It has comfortable bean bag chairs, quiet spaces, natural lighting, and you can rent out rooms for more privacy. If you’re ever hanging around the Ag Quad and need a quick relaxer, Mann is the place to be.

Uris Library, Cocktail Lounge


When you only have an hour between classes, Uris is perfect because of it’s central location. Either check out the Cocktail Lounge or go a little further past the Hogwarts area and up the stairs to have a nap with a view and a more quiet space.

Willard Straight


When you’ve already eaten your popcorn or had lunch at Okenshields, it’s definitely time to take a nap. This is a perfect place to go when you want a dimly lit space that’s relatively quiet. Sit in one of the cozy couches or chairs in the conference rooms to catch some much-needed shut eye.



Another favorite amongst students are the couches in Statler and the Statler Student Lounge. This is an ideal place to take a quick pick me up of a nap, but don’t plan on staying there for hours. Or you could spend your money renting a hotel room because we all have that kind of cash laying around. (Not!).

Johnson Museum


This one might get you some stares and questionable looks by visitors, but there is an amazing couch on the  fifth floor. This room will give you a nice outlook of West Campus and Downtown Ithaca that will help you forget your stresses.