After polling my friends, and doing some personal (albeit smelly) research, I have gathered a consensus on the best and worst bathrooms on Cornell’s campus. Whether it be because of location, privacy, or cleanliness, this list includes some of the best toilets essential to your Cornell experience! However, there are also some to avoid, because of smell, grubbiness and crowds. I hope this doesn’t ruin anyone’s go-to spot, but come on, share the wealth.


1Uris Library Ground Floor Bathroom

This handicap bathroom near the help desks at Uris Library is large enough and isolated enough to give you the privacy you need when going #2. A best-kept secret on central campus, this stall is the next best thing after the Yodeling Kid. Uris personal stacks also has a great bathroom, for which I got TMI research from the students I polled (apparently people relieve themselves in different ways?).

2Statler Lobby Bathrooms by Regent

You’ll feel baller in the Statler bathrooms that are luxury hotel-lobby worthy. They are always clean and modern and the line is never too long.

3Single Bathrooms in ILR Faculty Wing

A gem for ILR students, these toilets offer privacy and convenience. Although they’re somewhat out of the way, I can promise they’re totally worth it.   

4Physical Sciences Single Bathrooms

On the second floor of Physical Sciences are two personal handicap bathrooms that are clean and spacious. Fitting the aesthetic of the building, these bathrooms feel light and airy instead of being stuck in a basement somewhere.

53rd floor Catherwood

These bathrooms are underused and therefore, scrubbed to the nines. You could lock yourself in there all day if you so desired.



6Olin Basement

The bathrooms in Olin Basement have a distinct smell, a mix between wet paper-towel and crap. It’s super rogue, often runs out of toilet paper and pretty busy so you are never alone.

7Bathroom by Macs in Statler

Opposed to the Statler bathrooms by regent, the ones by Macs are a disaster. It feels like it’s 90 degrees in there and it’s always dirty.

8Donlon Hall

Donlon Hall has the worst bathroom of all the dorms, because it’s shared by a ton of people. Donlon is known as “the social dorm,” and the bathroom totally reflects that (ie. my source tells me there is often vomit in showers). Even though all frosh dorms are kinda gross, CKB is preferred.

9Mann Library

These bathrooms, albeit convenient, are in the middle of floor-plan. People can always see you move in and out – which after coffee, is kind of embarrassing.

10Willard Strait First Floor

The most controversial of all the bathrooms, Willard Straight first floor has some lovers and some haters. The stall locks rarely work, there’s little to no lights, and it has a strange layout. However, you could say it has character. But I think our nostrils could use a well-deserved vacation from that place.

The important thing when choosing a bathroom on campus is what you are looking for. What’s important to you? How much time do you have? And are you going #1 or #2? No matter what, while at Cornell, this list has got your back.