Cornell’s spring break may be later than those of most other universities, but it’s still a well-deserved week off—regardless of your plans. Depending on how far you live from school or how productive you need to be with work over the break, you may be traveling home or to somewhere new, or simply staying in your bed. If the characters in Modern Family were students at Cornell, here’s how they would most likely spend their breaks.


Well, she probably wouldn’t be in college (much less at Cornell) to begin with. However, if Haley were a Cornellian, she would probably be spending her spring break partying it up in The Dominican or Cancún. If she went home at all, it would be to show off her perfectly sun-kissed skin to her friends. Her main concern would be having as much fun as possible and preparing herself for a summer at the beach.



No doubt about it–this girl would stay in Ithaca over break to study for her next round of prelims and do as much homework ahead of time as possible. She might have traveled home and do work there, but realized that her chances of productivity were much greater at school and away from her crazy, chaotic family. If you’re anything like Alex and have enough discipline to get a lot done, kudos.



Luke would take the opportunity to go home, sleep, and familiarize himself with the latest magic trick kit. Maybe his Cornell friends who live nearby would visit his house and together they would find things to do around his home town; they might even crash a high school party if the girls were cute enough. He’d definitely spend time with his family, specifically his dad, and he would not touch his homework—even if he had an assignment due immediately following break.



As she’s becoming older and more sassy, Lily enjoys scheming things that wouldn’t make her dads very happy. If Lily were a Cornell student, she might rally all her girlfriends to plan a road trip, and break the news to Cam and Mitch at the very last minute. They wouldn’t be pleased about it at first, but they’d let her go anyway. Wherever she went, Lily’s spring break would have to include shopping–the clothing store options in Ithaca are just too dismal.



Manny’s Spring Break plans would require some extra planning because he would want to go wherever his latest crush was planning on going. If she’s going to Europe, you could bet Manny would be on the fastest plane there. Then, he’d concoct some strange way of asking her on a date, only to be rejected in the foreign country, town, or state, and return home wallowing in his sadness and facing ridicule from his dad.