By Paulette Machuca

Cornell Fashion Collective’s annual runway show is always the epitome of Cornell style.  If you’re wondering what to expect from CFC’s 31st Annual Runway Show, Slope has you covered!   We asked five talented Fiber Science and Apparel Design designers for a preview of tonight’s festivities.

Source: Slope Media
Source: Slope Media


Think fast: What 3 words describe the atmosphere of the show?

Laura Zwanziger (Senior, CFC: Fourth Level Designer): Exciting, Diverse, Professional

Caroline Donelan (Junior, CFC: Third Level Designer): Aspirational, Innovative, Exciting

Sam Stern (Sophomore, CFC: Second Level Designer): Surreal, Exhilarating, Nerve Wracking

Kennedy Rauh (Sophomore, CFC: Second Level Designer): Chaotic, Magical, Eclectic

Jackie Fogarty (Freshman, CFC: First Level Designer): Energetic, Bold, Innovative

Source: Slope Media
Source: Slope Media


Why should I attend the fashion show, in 140 characters or less?

LZ: The fashion show is an exciting opportunity to experience the product of all we do in studio. Students present their creativity in a professional setting for the community. The garments you will see have taken a year or more to develop, and you can see them all in one evening!

CD: Come to the show to be amazed by the incredible talent of your peers and to truly grasp what our major is all about! We may be a small department, but we make a big impact on campus!

SS: You should attend the fashion show because it is the culmination of years of hard work and will give insight into how a designer grows throughout his or her years at Cornell.  It is also completely student run and it is amazing to see all of the hard work that goes into this amazing show.

KR: We have poured our heart and soul into these pieces and I hear there are BIG things happening in the world of fashion at CU!

JF: This is the ONLY chance you’ll get to see the original work of talented Cornell designers in a huge, high-profile venue.

Source: Slope Media
Source: Slope Media


Do I need to get dressed up?  On a scale of 1 to Karlie Kloss, how fashionable is this thing?

LZ: That is up to you. Style is a personal choice!

CD: Come dressed in whatever way describes your style!  We’ll have a Step and Repeat with a red carpet for Photos and you’ll be among the most fashionable people on Campus!

SS: I would say red carpet Lady Gaga.  But in all seriousness, it is a causal event.  Dress in whatever way makes you comfortable.

KR: Dress however you feel is appropriate. If sweatpants are your thing Saturday nights, rock them in Barton! If you want to wear a prom dress or show off your latest designer piece, go right ahead! It’s a fun event and you should have fun and enjoy the night! It is fashionable on a scale from 1 to infinite.

JF: It is a student event so not formal attire, but of course we would love if you celebrate with us in style!

The show will be held tonight, April 11, at 8 p.m. in Barton Hall.