“Ithaca is Gorges,” they say. But let’s face it–Ithaca is cold. And snowy. Some days just getting out of bed is a struggle, let alone trudging around campus to get to class. While dark and dreary weather might make some exclusively wear sweats for months on end, Cornellians have developed their own sense of winter style. When you spot these accessories around campus, you’ll know just the type of person you’re running into.


Canada Goose Parka


Once the temps drop below 45 degrees, most birds fly south. However, this is when the flocks of geese arise at Cornell. The warmth this jacket gives you makes up for constantly being mistaken for someone else who owns a Canada Goose. If you come from a warmer area, you often have to explain to your friends and family at home the necessity of this ~fancy~ puffer coat.


Cornell Pom-Pom Hat


(Big) Red looks good on you. You probably bought this hat as a prefrosh, in anticipation of all the hockey games you would attend, and have worn it at every hockey game since. Your Cornell pride travels from Ithaca to home and back with this fluffy accessory.




Not even negative temps and high-speed winds will get you to let go of your inner hipster. It may not be the warmest option, but definitely one of the more stylish. You bought several at a time from Urban Outfitters to pair with your carefully crafted boho look.




It may or may not have sorority letters on it, and/or be crocheted. You probably keep it on all day during class because you spend an outrageous amount of time every morning getting it to lay perfectly without messing up your hair. But your plan often goes awry when heavy snow falls on your unprotected head, ruining your hair anyway.


Bean Boots


You want to protect yourself from frostbite in a casual, non-eskimo kind of way. Get yourself these boots that can do both. They are durable enough for heavy snow, but can also be worn in dry weather as a stylish winter accessory.


Texting Gloves


You are always up to date on the newest gadgets. Even if you didn’t have this high-tech luxury, your fingers would never freeze due to the frequency and speed of your texting. Your text response wait time is under 30 seconds, and friends always go to you when they need an answer asap.


A Balaclava


You are so serious about staying warm in the winter that you use this word instead of calling it a ski mask (hint: that’s what it is.) You likely are not an avid skier because you and cold weather just don’t get along. With this accessory though, no cold air will touch your skin and you can walk up the slope like a champ.