Like: (verb) to feel attraction toward or take pleasure in

Synonyms: That’s sick!, Dope, It’s lit, It’s fire, Cool, Gucci, Great

I’m sure all of us Cornellians are familiar with a thesaurus. There’s no question that it has helped us create resumes, cover letters, or other written assignments that required some vocabulary sprucing. What I find interesting is how campus culture and pop culture can create a new language for college students.

We are all aware that Cornell has its own vernacular. AEM, Dyson, CALS, Bingalee Dingalee, ILR, Hotelie, the Slope are some examples, along with many others that vary by group and location. It’s quite amazing how these words are only understood by people affiliated with Cornell and have no meaning to someone who hasn’t been to campus.

Let’s not forget how pop culture influences how we talk, too. Whenever a song or new rapper becomes popular, we tend to adopt their slogans and mannerisms and implement them into our own daily conversation. Prominent examples of this include The “dab” from Migos, and usage of the term “Gucci” from the popular song “Gucci Gang.”

So I guess it’s true that your environment shapes you.