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Well, well, well. What do we have here? For the first time in 15 years there is a total of three top 10 match-ups on the same Saturday. What more do you want? This is going to be crazy. There wasn’t a whole lot of movement in the top 4 this week, but something tells me the committee is going to have their work cut out for them when it’s all said and done. Let me throw something your way right now. If you don’t like it, just throw it on back. Put me on the committee. It isn’t that I don’t trust the committee, it’s just that I don’t think they all know that much about football (so I don’t trust them). I’m just saying. While I’m in the throwing mood, let me chuck one more at you. A two-loss team in the playoff.  Think about it. Sleep on it. See if it fits.

3 Notre Dame at 7 Miami

Game Day will be in Coral Gables for this one. I feel like I write about these teams a lot. With that said, they both have had a lot of big games thus far (so they’ve been worth my time). They’re battle tested and have, more importantly, have added some quality wins to their resume.

The Golden Domers find themselves  squarely in the playoff picture. Brandon Wimbush has done his job under center and, running back, Josh Adams has an outside shot at the Heisman. The Irish are also ranked in the top 20 in scoring defense (that has nothing to do with luck or leprechauns). They have a loss to Georgia, but having one loss be to the number one team in the country (by one point) is not a bad look. It’d be better to have no losses, but you know what I mean. For Notre Dame to win this game, Wimbush needs to prove he can carry the team. Josh Adams left last week’s game against Wake Forrest in the first half and, most likely, won’t be feeling one hunnid. Wimbush may need to put the team on his back doe.

For Miami, the train is rolling. They beat up on a quality Virginia Tech team last week. This was a huge statement game. It finally gave credibility to who we thought Miami was. Malik Rosier has been on point and Travis Homer ran with a purpose (14 carries for 95 yards and a tug. I see you son)! Oh yeah, that turnover bling seems to be a good incentive as the Canes forced 4 against the Hokies. It is really beginning to feel like “The U” is back and I love it. For the Canes to get this dub, the defense needs to be all over Wimbush like words on a newspaper. The offense has proven they can score with teams. It’s going to be on the defense to make sure they take advantage of a wounded Notre Dame offense.

This a classic game. I love that this is a relevant matchup. The 30 for 30 “Catholics vs Convicts” is only adding to my excitement. I think both programs have already surpassed preseason expectations so at the end of the day, everybody is a winner at heart. With that said, it’s not about having fun and there can only be one winner on the scoreboard. I’m taking the Canes at home! “The U” is back baby!

6 TCU at 5 Oklahoma

I won’t lie, games like this are kinda my guilty pleasure. These defenses aren’t bad, but there is going to be a lot of points scored (and I love it). The BIG 12 may not be what it once was, in terms of strength of conference, but that mess is fun to watch.

Oklahoma made some major noise last week with a win against Oklahoma State. They may need to beat them twice to win the conference, but let me chill. What is there to say about the Sooners? Baker Mayfield is the best player in college football and has the folks in Norman believing this could be the year. Again, the defense is good, but not great. True to Big 12 form, the team who gets the most possessions will win the game. For Oklahoma to emerge victorious, they are going to need the defense to play assignment football and steal a possession, or two. The offense is going to produce.

TCU, like Oklahoma, suffered their only loss of the season to Iowa State. I don’t understand why that team is so hard to beat, but I also don’t call plays for any major college football program. That’s on them. I have a few national championships in NCAA 14 (bring it back!). Kenny Hill has been ballin out of control this year (15 TD, 5 Ints) and, running back, Darrius Anderson has allowed the offense to have the option of being more balanced by piling up nearly 800 yards on the ground. TCU definitely has the better of the two defenses in this game. The Horned Frogs are top 10 in scoring defense. With that said, I don’t think anyone can, truly, contain Baker Mayfield. The Frogs are going to have to swarm all day long in order to keep him from extending plays. This is, by no means, a bad defense, but this game is going to expose their true colors. For TCU to win, the formula is simple. Put pressure on Baker and don’t allow him to do Johnny Manziel things (strictly talking on the field stuff).

All things considered, the people are going to get their money’s worth. I could see this coming down to the wire. TCU has looked impressive thus far. Head coach, Gary Patterson has proven why he’s one of the best in business. However, Baker is playing for the Heisman and his national championship hopes. Do we really think a team that wears purple and has a frog as their mascot beats him? I also don’t trust Kenny Hill. I’ve seen him play well and then go rogue too many times. Boomer Sooner prevails at the crib.

1 Georgia at 10 Auburn

The “Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.” Georgia is flying high at number one in the most recent rankings while a sneaky Auburn team sits at number 10. Regardless of what those numbers next to the name say, both teams are going to have to battle it out in this one.

Georgia has had their way with everyone this year. The Dawgs are undefeated after all hope seemed lost when quarterback Jacob Eason went down in game one. As fate would have it, UGA has played even better than they did a year ago with Eason at the helm. True frosh, Jake Fromm has been a consistent game manager all year long and Kirby Smart seems to be following the Nick Saban recipe for success to a “T.” Run the ball well, play defense so suffocating the opponent needs an inhaler, and ask your quarterback to make some throws on occasion. Nick Chubb and Sony Michel have ran the ball efficiently, to say the least (each averaging over 6 yards a carry). For the Dawgs to have their day, Fromm needs to continue to not turn the ball over. Georgia needs to be true to themselves and continue to play at their own pace. If they don’t have success early, Kirby Smart can’t panic and ask Fromm to throw it 30 times. That’s just not their offense. If they stick to their bread and butter, they should be okay.

For the Tigers of Auburn, it has been an up and down season. They have looked, both, unstoppable and pathetic at different times. Jarett Stidham has proven his worth thus far with only 3 interceptions. You’d like to see more passing touchdowns, but with a strong running game, who can blame the Tigers for not airing it out? The defense is experienced and has held up their end of the bargain by only allowing 17.8 points a game (that’s not a lot). They are going to need the top 25 rush defense to show up in a big way on Saturday. I really think Auburn is going to be able to put up points against Georgia, but the game is going to come down to what the Auburn defense can do against, super frosh, Jake Fromm.

Here’s the deal, both of these teams control their own destiny in terms of the playoff race. Obviously, Georgia is in the driver’s seat and will be in if they can win out (that’s a big “if”). On the other hand, Auburn has two losses, but beating Alabama once and Georgia twice would have to warrant an invitation to the dance. It’s an outside shot, but I just want to make it clear that both teams are playing for all the marbles here. We haven’t really seen any freshman moments from young Fromm and I think he’s bound to have a few on the road. Do you know how crazy those people in Jordan-Hare Stadium are? Auburn edges out Georgia in a close one!

So there it is. Another week in the books. It has all the makings of a special college football Saturday. Everyone here at CFHJ (all two of us), has the mission of bringing a new spin to the sports media game. Some fresh legs, if you will. We want to bring you the best part about sports as a consumer. That’s the trash talk, the ridiculous arguments, the funny comparisons. All of these ridiculous and random things are what make college football fandom so different from all other sports (and what helps us gain a mediocre following). In all seriousness, big thank you to the homies that read each week. To everyone else, “you wasn’t with me shootin in the gym.” Quit sleepin or you’ll be late for school. Have a great day kids, now go outside and play.

Quick Pix

Alabama over Mississippi State (NIck Saban is a wizard)

Ohio State over Michigan State (Who knows if Ohio State will show up though?)

Wisconsin over Iowa (Iowa is too good to be true)

Oklahoma State over Iowa State ( somebody beat these guys)

“I love being myself after wins.” – Cyrus Nolan

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