Have you managed to get “Cake by the Ocean” out of your head yet? Have your friends stopped talking about the absurdity that is CupcakKe and arguing about the merits of her performance? By now we can hope so, but this year’s Homecoming Concert was certainly one to remember.

I’ll be honest, I was excited to see DNCE because they’re a fairly big name and I know a decent number of their songs. I wasn’t expecting Joe Jonas to be particularly great live, still remembering him from his Camp Rock days, but he was a pleasant surprise. The crowd was passionate to say the least, and the energy was high throughout the whole concert as DNCE performed a string of their hits, like “Kissing Strangers” and “Toothbrush.”


After their high-energy performance, the stage was cleared for CupcakKe. Her opening performance of “Vagina” inspired both excitement and shock among concert-goers, and her set made for quite a few social media explosions. Whether you found her performance inspiring or attention-seeking, it certainly kept the crowd interested.

The concert was the place to be Saturday night, attracting lots of students with different musical preferences. If you weren’t there, you certainly heard about it. And now we’re left to wonder, will this year’s other major performances (@Slope Day) be able to top this?