We all know about Wines and Mushrooms, but what are Cornell’s other academic gems that still need to be unearthed? Take it from a senior who’s explored it all: this is a definitive list for the curious and the captivated, those of you who want to learn… and of course for those of you who may just want the A!


Psychology of Entertainment Media

Ever wonder why video games can be so addicting? Or why your favorite characters on Game of Thrones ALWAYS have to die? This class tackles it all–and with frequent breaks to watch cartoons and blockbuster movies as well! Just make sure you don’t get too distracted watching your own *cough * media *cough* on Netflix during class



The History of Western Dress

This class is inspiration galore for Halloween costumes, covering Egyptian accessories and ‘20s flapper style abound. Have you ever wondered why people wore giant ruffs around their necks, or why ankles were ever considered ‘scandalous’? Well, after strapping in for the semester you’ll soon come to see how fashion has evolved from Greek chitons to crop tops.


Beyonce Nation

Be honest, you already dissect Beyonce’s music lyrics and music videos line by line. Why not get class credit for it? You could write a paper about how Beyonce’s inspired class and gender-related political discussions throughout the U.S. FINALLY, you can justify your tabloid ‘research’ of the Knowles family as a productive activity!



The Future of Whiteness

In the ‘Age of Trump,’ this class may turn out to be your survival guide (yikes!). Topics range from shifting American racial identities (with the resurgence of neo-nazi and KKK groups) to literary-based discussions on social and cultural theory. If you want to understand the very root of racism in today’s world, this is the class to get you on your way.



The Art of Love

While the name may make you either cringe or swoon, this class poses the question: “Is love an art?” Looking back on ancient texts you can see how fellas like Ovid and Plato “got it on” in ancient bygone eras. And keep in mind, Valentine’s Day isn’t too far away– this class may very well be your best shot at finding (and falling!) in love… as well as a lot of readings.



Sensory Evaluation of Food

Do you taste those dried cranberry notes in your Terrace salad? What about the texture of the chicken? The dressing? While it may seem like everyone at Cornell is a foodie these days, this class can help you take it to the next level. People in wines may be able to brag and swirl their glasses– but then you’ve got a leg up on virtually everything else!