To put it kindly, I am not a fan of Canadians. I like to think most people agree with me, until someone like Levi MacDougall comes along and makes me like Canadians a little. The comedian opened up for Demetri Martin last Thursday at the State Theatre, and immediately regaled the crowd with story after story of his ample weird adventures. Levi interacted with the crowd throughout his set, intertwining his awkwardness with shouts from the crowd with ease.

By the time Demetri Martin came on, the crowd was already all laughed-up and ready for him. Martin brought the laughs from the second of his arrival, already winning people over with his awkwardness and sexy nose. Through a series of one liners, Martin never gave the crowd time off from laughing. Then came the signature guitar to a roar of cheering, by that point everyone was familiar with his style and waiting for the songs. However, Martin only played one song and then flipped through about 10 of his signature drawings. I was waiting for a little more of those two elements but instead left satisfied with all the new jokes that I could now retell and act like they were mine. Since, let’s be honest, people have already heard me recount all of his old jokes.

Author’s Note: I don’t know if I chose the best or the worst pictures of them. Oops.