Columnist: Jessica Sion

Editor-in-Chief: Yasmin Alameddine

    As the year comes to a close, I can’t help but look back on a semester’s worth of food-centric articles and wonder: do I even do anything else than eat? With the exception of a few gems, I seem to have focused exclusively on Cornell’s diverse range of dining experiences. As much as I love Trillium quesadillas, there’s just something about these rarely frequented dining locations that appeal to my anti-social, introverted self. My lunchtime is my safe haven.

And with that preface, I introduce this week’s gem: Sage Hall.

Otherwise known as the Johnson Graduate School of Management, this gothic is home to many understated facilities, including the Atrium Café, a library, classrooms, student lounges, and even a shoe shining station. Admittedly, I have yet to explore anything but the café. To label this dining experience as pleasant would be an understatement – with seating in a large, open atrium whose high ceilings and natural lighting add to the general tranquility of it all. Choice of food ranges from a salad bar to soups and fresh-made sandwiches or wraps in back.

I could confidently say that Sage’s most inviting feature is the kind of personnel it attracts. For almost two hours, I found myself surrounded by quiet, levelheaded graduate students. At some point between locating a table and sitting down, we had already established an unspoken, mutual agreement to smile courteously then go about our respective lunches in peace. The conversations around me were kept to a well-mannered volume, never nearing the topic of stressful prelims or drunken weekend escapades (because I’d rather not hear the graphic details of your hangover as I attempt to enjoy a sandwich).

As I exited out the back in the direction of Ho Plaza, I stumbled upon a small area outside with benches and a roof overhead. At the time, it was negative seven and hailing – but I intend to return one day when the warm weather sets in. Rain or shine, next year I most certainly intend to make Sage Hall my refuge from the madness.