Classes and prelims got you tired in Mann? Did you just grab your third coffee from Libe? Is the smell alone starting to give you anxiety? Well fear not, because coffee is not the only solution to your prelim fatigue. While most people think of coffee as the ultimate sleep substitute, there are actually plenty of awesome alternatives that will work hard to keep you awake.

1Stay (Awake) Chocolate

It is a universal truth that chocolate is the ultimate stress-relieving comfort food. Awake Chocolate has all the flavor of regular chocolate except that it also contains caffeine, making it perfect for lending a much-needed energy boost in the library. For those who need a little extra kick, grab one of those Awake chocolate bars in Libe and Manndibles–they’re guaranteed get you through those painful essays and stressful prelim cram sessions.

2Go Bananas

This yellow fruit can help prevent you from crashing by slowing down your glucose absorption. That sounds kind of fancy, but all it means for you is tons of energy. The reason is because banana is a carbohydrate filled with fiber that helps slow down digestion. Those bananas in Libe are easy to miss, but pick one up for a win.

3Mangos To the Max

Mangos don’t just have their place on street fruit stands or tropical family vacations. These fruits are high in vitamin B, which is essential to keep you energized. Mangos also have three times more carbohydrates than oranges, making them energy superstars. Stock up your fridge to have a refreshing smoothie or tasty salad anytime.

4Tea Time

Move over coffee, tea has arrived! While tea is extremely underrated on campus, it is the perfect energy booster for when you need some late night caffeine for that paper due at midnight, but not so much that you’ll end up still jittery and thinking about the meaning of life at 5am. Plus, tea has some amazing flavors that will definitely add some tang to your studies.

5Eat Your Veggies

Popeye was definitely on the right track with all that spinach. Dark, leafy greens are proven to be the ultimate energy boosters. They have tons of vitamins that provide you with steady energy throughout the day. Kale, arugula and lettuce on Trillium salads? Yes please.

6That’s Nutty

Nuts are full of both protein and fiber-talk about the ultimate power couple. Nuts can be great when you want something filling and energy stocked (starving in the library while learning intense topics will not help you absorb the material quickly). Better yet, combine nuts with high in antioxidant fruits, like cranberries, or energy packed dark chocolate. Now that’s (nut)ritious.

7The OG OJ

There’s a reason orange juice is the go-to breakfast drink everywhere you go. Research has shown that orange juice provides tons of energy. Added benefits? It increases alertness- and we know how much we need that after hours staring into our notebooks!

8Water, water everywhere…

…And you can drink it, so please do. There’s a reason why your mom always nags you to stay hydrated. Research claims that water is one of the best ways to gain energy and alertness. Dehydration can definitely suck away all your valuable energy. Don’t let that happen to you–pack a water bottle in your bag before you leave your room in the mornings.

9Beans Smarts

This one may not satisfy your sweet tooth, but it’s definitely a power move. What is not commonly known is that beans provide as much, if not more, energy than a lot of the scrumptious foods on this list. Beans digest slowly, so the carbohydrates you’re breaking down into energy abundant glucose will stay longer. Fun fact: lentils help with your memory, so definitely hit up Zeus for lentil soup the next time you can.

Coffee and caffeine addiction are not the be all end all to survive prelim season. Coffee can be great in moderation, and there are plenty of other healthier alternatives that will do the same job. So next time you’re in Libe, ditch the coffee and grab a banana instead–your mind and your body will thank you for it.