Everyone knows cornell has some truly great on-campus salad options, and the Trillium vs. Terrace war has been known to end friendships. Alas, no matter how great the salads are, sometimes you get sick of a eating a glorified bowl of plants every day but you still want nutritious food that won’t feel like a brick in your stomach afterwards. Here are Slope’s suggestion for healthy on campus foods that aren’t salads.



Cornell is lucky enough to have pre-packaged sushi available across campus. Sushi is a great choice for those trying to stay healthy because it is gluten-free (as long as you don’t use soy sauce), and the fish provides protein and healthy fats. It also comes in reasonable portions, so you’ll still feel full–not stuffed.




Soup is an underrated lunch option, especially during the winter months when it has the added benefit of warming you up. Soup is generally a healthy option, but aim for one that has a lot of  vegetables or a broth base. Some places on campus, like Goldie’s, even have the full nutritional information posted in front of the soup station, while Temple of Zeus is known for their particularly delicious options.


3Burrito bowls


Let’s face it, everyone loves burritos, but not everyone loves the 1000+ calories that a single burrito usually contains. To satisfy your Mexican cravings in a lighter way try a burrito bowl, especially if you add lots of lettuce and go easy on the cheese, sour cream, and rice. You can find these at Trillium (called Taco Salads), Terrace, and Martha’s.




Omelettes, although mainly a breakfast food, can be a great option for any time of day –the eggs provide protein and it’s easy to add lots of veggies.  Trillium only serves them for breakfast, but Ivy Room has them all day long.


5Bonus Snack Option: Carrots and Hummus


While these may not be enough to constitute an entire lunch, a snack of hummus and carrots from Ithaca Hummus might be just what you need to keep your hunger at bay between your 2:55 and dinner time. These pre-portioned packs are sold across Cornell, at places like Libe Cafe and Manndibles.


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