Hi kids! Welcome back to another semester of Frozen Purple Cow, full of random cow jokes & random cow trivia & random cow milkshakes. To highlight the start of school (and the last semester), we chose to play songs following the school theme. Can you count the number of songs that have “story” in their title or the ones that name your favorite subject (if you said chemistry, you are in luck!)? Because we only air live from the cornfield, you won’t be able to hear these songs on a podcast, so DIY. Youtube/spotify/pandora them and create your own educational playlist. Also, don’t forget to drink that milk, straight from the carton or with a red & white bendy straw (your choice!). For more laughs, check out the cow comic below. For cow art, check out the weekly picture of the cow parade; this week features Austin, TX.

Keep slurpin’ suckas!


  1. Chemistry- Semisonic
  2. ¬†History’s Door- Husky
  3. I Wrote the Book- Beth Ditto
  4. Love Story- Katharine McPhee
  5. Merry go ‘Round- Kacey Musgraves*
  6. Absolutely (Story of a Girl)- Nine Days
  7. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)- Backstreet Boys**
  8. The Story- Brandi Carlisle
  9. Wonderwall- Oasis
  10. Einstein- Kelly Clarkson
  11. Love Story- Taylor Swift
  12. Story of Your Life- Smashmouth
  13. The Story of Us- Taylor Swift
  14. The Math- Hilary Duff
  15. Lessons in Love- Neon Trees

*= Mixin’-it-up song from my current Ipod playlist

** = Milk moustache segment

Backstreet Boys wo34 austin