Hello! I WANT you to blender-up your Frozen Purple Cow right away because your cows WANT to listen to some tunes while they are chewing their cud and we can’t keep them waiting, which is something you don’t WANT because the moos will begin softly but then will swell into a massive rumble which your neighbors don’t WANT because they are taking an afternoon snooze which I’m sure Grandpa Billy WANTS right now since he woke up at 5 AM to milk those Holsteins and which I’m sure your little brother WANTS because he is at that lazy teenage boy age when they don’t WANT to do anything except sit atop the hay bale and survey the farm which makes you WANT to holler at him to help you milk the cows so that you have fresh milk to satisfy your stomach’s WANTS which is of course, a Frozen Purple Cow.

Keep slurpin’ suckas!


1. All I Want to Do, Sugarland

2. I Want it That Way, Backstreet Boys

3. Right Where You Want Me, Jesse McCartney

4. Everything You Want, Vertical Horizons

5. Girl All the Bad Guys Want, Bowling for Soup

6. I Want Tears, Michelle Branch

7. All I Ever Wanted, Kelly Clarkson

8. I Don’t Want You Now, KT Tunstall

9. Till You Want Me, Diana Degarmo

10. How Could You Want Him, Spin Doctors

11. I Want You, Kelly Clarkson