Sup homefry? Did you look outside your window this morning? I bet you noticed all the Beagles, Chow-chows, and long-haired felines raining down on your fields of corn. As the French would say, deja vu, because this has happened the entire week. To express my frustration, I picked songs that focused on the weather as a plea to the rain gods to STOP THIS MADNESS. Please make it snow. Nothing is more depressing than getting hit in the face with an orange-striped, never-been-spayed, i-can-jump-up-onto-your-bathroom-sink-which-is-where-she-brushes-her-teeth-every-morning-and-where-i-leave-my-orange-hair cat. Nooooooo good. To improve my life’s outlook, I will whip up a Frozen Purple Cow until it stops raining… I predict I will be heading to the grocery store to stock up many times before I see a glimpse of sun…

Keep slurpin’ suckas!


1. When it Rains, Paramore

2. Sunshine & Chocolate, Semisonic

3. Rain King, Last Call

4. Let the Rain, Sara Barielles

5. Love Can’t Change the Weather, Five for Fighting

6. Rain, Michelle Branch

7. Rain on Your Parade, Duffy

8. Rain it Down, Carlos Whittaker

9. Rain, Jodi Marr

10. Under the Weather, KT Tunstall

11. Come in with the Rain, Taylor Swift

12. Set Fire to the Rain, Adele