If you’ve been out of the loop, you might not know why the Arts Quad has been filling up with tents, seating and sound equipment lately, obstructing your way to class. Today, August 25th, marks the inauguration of Martha Pollack as Cornell’s 14th President. This weekend marks a time of celebration for Cornell University that the Cornell Chronicle says will “feature student scholarship, highlight the role of universities in the search for truth, and celebrate the community.” So what does the installation have in store for Cornellians?


Yesterday’s Events


Events began yesterday with the Festival of Scholarship, highlighting research from Cornell students in Ithaca, Weill Cornell Medicine, and Cornell Tech campuses. Following was an academic symposium featuring professors from a variety of disciplines, discussing “Universities and the Subject of Truth.” If you want to view a recording the symposium, you can do so here.


The Installation Ceremony: 2pm, Arts Quad


President Pollack’s investiture will begin at 2pm with a procession on Ho Plaza, leading to the Arts Quad. The Chairman of the Cornell Board of Trustees, Robert S. Harrison ‘76, will preside over the investiture ceremony. Fellow Ivy League President Philip Hanlon of Dartmouth will also make remarks at the ceremony.


President Pollack’s Inaugural Address: 2pm, Arts Quad


Following her installation, President Pollack will deliver her inaugural address, outlining her vision for the University in the years to come. If you won’t be able to attend in-person, you can watch a livestream of the address – and the rest of the inauguration ceremony – here.


The Street Fair: 4-5:30pm, Arts Quad


Immediately following the Inauguration ceremony, Cornellians can enjoy the Street Fair on the Arts Quad. There, they’ll be able to gorge themselves on a smorgasbord of food from Cornell and local vendors including fruit kabobs, chicken and tofu spiedies, lemon mango lemonade and Filipino fusion egg rolls. Each college, various musical and dance groups, and several student organizations will also have tents, activities and displays adorning the quad. And the festivities wouldn’t be complete without President Pollack’s own special ice cream flavor. It’s yet to be revealed, but it’s bound to be a hit with today’s summer weather.

Congratulations President Pollack, from all of us here at Slope Media!