There are so many different ways to learn about someone and their personality. Their music tastes, eating habits, sports teams preferences, and more. But did you ever think that you can learn a lot about every Cornell student based on their favorite building on campus? Here’s what your favorite building says about you:

Goldwin Smith Hall/Klarman Hall

You’re balanced!

You’re a mix of both the old and the new. You try to be somewhere in the middle when it comes to technology. You appreciate “outdated” study habits like writing with pen and paper, but you simultaneously enjoy new inventions and are definitely often found sitting on your laptop at Temple of Zeus. At the end of the day, you can’t quite separate yourself from the old, more classic way of doing things.

Gates Hall

You’re unique!

Just like Gates Hall, sticking out from the other buildings on campus as special, you’re one-of-a kind and it is super easy to differentiate you from others. You don’t like to be mainstream and simply follow trends. You set your own rules when it comes to what’s in in the fashion world, continually changing eating trends, and all other fads. They’re usually short-lived, so you don’t waste your time. You do you!

Mann Library

You’re outgoing!

You’re an extrovert who loves meeting new people and making new friends. You’re charismatic and friendly and people love being near you. Every activity is a social opportunity for you which is why you love the lively atmosphere that is so characteristically Mann.

Malott Hall

You’re analytical!

You’re a deep thinker and you prefer to think long and hard before making any decision. Just like within the walls of Malott, there’s a lot of computing going in your head at all times of the day. Your choices are therefore always calculated and very purposeful. You’ve definitely been described as a serious person before.

Cornell Health

You’re practical!

You rarely make impulsive decisions, because you’re constantly thinking and rationalizing every single decision you need to make. That thinking often leads to overthinking, resulting in the scheduling of a doctor or nurse’s appointment just in case. One of your go-to mottos is definitely “better safe than sorry.”

Statler Hall

You’re fun!

You love to laugh and enjoy being the center of attention. You like when the hallways of the building serve as a fashion show, especially on Fridays. Your ideal study area is full of noise and activity, so the Statler library is perfect for you.

Rockefeller Hall

You’re traditional!

You’d much prefer to stick with what you know works rather than make a change. The rickety chairs and the creaky floors from 1904 are so literally old school and you wouldn’t have it any other way. I bet you secretly love that Cornell classrooms use real chalkboards too!