If you’ve not yet listened to a Bat for Lashes track, I urge you to resolve your problem immediately. Bat for Lashes, also known as British ladysinger Natasha Khan, recently released her third album The Haunted Man, and has also dropped a string of fantastic music videos. The newest is “Lilies,” featured above, which mixes gorgeous visuals with lyrical imagery. The song itself is also just so wonderfully executed, and I swoon when Khan belts “Thank God I’m alive / Thank God I’m alive!”


The video is quite dreamlike, as Khan stands in front of a wall of stars and faces a group of creatures who appear straight out of “Where the Wild Things Are.” Yet we soon learn the monsters are friends, not foes, and her surroundings are less like a nightmare. It’s still pretty bizarre, but Khan’s face displays pure joy in moments throughout, and the video ends with her smiling and dancing with her new creature friends.


Don’t forget to also check out recent Bat for Lashes videos “A Wall,” in which Khan and her beau get sloppy at a party, “All Your Gold,” in which she twirls around alone on a beach, and “Laura,” a video with a strange cast of characters and a haunting mix of vocals and piano.