Let’s talk about the lady rappers, particularly about the fresh faces who are clawing out a space for themselves in the male-dominated rap world (and more broadly, the male-dominated music industry).

Someone I’ve been listening to lately is Angel Haze, a rapper who first made waves during her Twitter feud with rapper Azealia Banks. Azealia has been a hot button for awhile, and I’d never heard of Angel Haze before her diss track surfaced. While on one hand I kind of wish we could all just get along, I was also pretty entertained by the tracks each subsequently released (Banks responded with “No Problems,” and later with a fantastic video). And anyway, the beef gained attention for both parties, and I’m pretty glad I was turned onto Angel Haze, because I love her stuff.

Featured below is her video for “Werkin Girls,” in which Haze raps in a warehouse and some weird men in tinfoil masks kidnap two cute little girls. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be some sort of metaphor, but Haze does look pretty intimidating, and I guess that’s all that matters.

But I also love when Haze gets kind of sappy. Check out her track “CHI (Need to Know)”, in which she nearly mumbles, “Just believe that you and I are s’posed to be together / Put your fucking hands up and we can reach forever.”

And as a bonus, listen to the remix of Cat Power’s “Manhattan,” featuring Haze.



Then there’s Awkwafina, who arrived on the scene with her tongue in cheek “My Vag.” Check out the beginning of the video, in which Awkwafina, a noticeably small Asian woman, gets a manicure from a hulking dude. She’s badass, and it makes me laugh and laugh.

She also recently released the video for Nyc Bitche$:


Don’t get me wrong, I love Nicki (but actually, I think she’s great), but as one of the most visible, popular women rappers active presently, I don’t think she’s enough. Therefore, I’m certainly glad some younger women are carving out exciting niches for themselves in the rap sphere, and I hope they continue.