Tegan and Sara Quin are among my handful of favorite ladysingers. I’ve loved the twin duo since high school, when I discovered The Con and later checked out older releases So Jealous, If It Was You, and This Business of Art. If you’ve also followed Tegan and Sara, you’ll know they’ve since released two other albums, Sainthood and the more recent Heartthrob, along with live album Get Along. With their new releases came artistic evolution, and while they still maintain some of their original angst, you may agree that they’ve grown exponentially poppier and cuter. See the video for Sainthood’s “Alligator” below, and squeal with delight.



They’ve also released the video for “Closer” off their most recent album, Heartthrob. And while the two are adorable, they’re also crazy fierce. Check it out below. Do you want an invite to this karaoke dance jam party? Do you want to own Tegan’s tiger striped and Sara’s polka dotted spandex pants? Do you want to touch Tegan’s hair and wonder how it’s doing that thing it’s doing? Do you just want to dance? Cool, me too.



Compared to much older songs, like “Frozen,” a favorite of mine, the new songs feel much shinier, and almost so produced that they sound squeaky clean. I don’t mind Tegan and Sara’s new direction, and enjoy their new album. In fact, though they once lacked the access to the production they now have, I argue their new sound isn’t actually a far cry from their old one.


Here’s a bonus video of Sara Quin featured on Theophilus London’s “Why Even Try.” You absolutely must listen to the chorus, which is the sassiest, snarkiest stanza ever. You won’t regret listening to London’s crooning yet biting lines,”If you think you’re special/You’re probably not/Why, why, why even try?”