I think 2013 is going to be a great year for new music, and I’m particularly excited for the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ album, Mosquito, that’s dropping April 16. YYYs has already released two teaser videos that both offer the tiniest glimpse of what the band has been working on. Check them out below:


These teasers excite me for several reasons. First and foremost, my fangirl love for YYYs, and furthermore, for Karen O, is enormous. Around the time of It’s Blitz, I was lucky enough to see the band perform in a sweaty little venue where I got to dance around in a lot of Y-shaped glitter the band released into the crowd. Admittedly, I was in awe of Karen O’s prowess on stage. Nick Zinner and Brian Chase were great, too, but Karen O obviously stole the show; her outfit was incredible, her energy made the audience ecstatic, and that shtick she always does with her microphone just plain rocks.


The teasers show O still looking stylish, sporting a new blonde bob with bangs. The band still sounds as energetic as ever, albeit in a more hazy, dreamy way than I’ve heard from them before. The clips are too short to allow me to predict if this sound carries over to the entirety of their album’s sound, but YYYs’ sound on Mosquito may have deviated slightly from the “PARTY PARTY PARTY” theme that was It’s Blitz. Maybe they’ll make my life and tour with veteran dream pop duo Beach House, and more importantly, play somewhere within driving distance of Ithaca.


Here’s a bonus lady-singer to get you through the weekend: