I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s getting colder on campus. The snow hasn’t fallen yet, but I feel it coming.


The cold brings a mixture of emotions – elation at the prospects of Thanksgiving and the upcoming six-week-long winter break, but also the dread of finals. The cold also means cuffing season. A lot of people have said these very words to me: “Winter is coming, I’m trying to find a bae.” Which has left me with the important question: How does one find a bae?

I’m sure Greek life helps a lot. You have a set social calendar and mix more or less with the same people. So I can see how you can find bae there. But what about the people not in Greek life, how do they find bae?

  • Class: Classes are a great way to meet new people and form study groups or find an *ahem* “study buddy.” However, if it ends badly and you’re in the same major you may be in for potential awkward run-ins.

  • Dating apps: You can always find a lonely person on Tinder or Bumble depending on your preference. Word to the wise: people sometimes don’t respond and people can unmatch you for no good reason. You also run the risk of catching feelings for someone who just wanted a fling.

  • The Party Hookup: We’ve all been there, but this scenario can sometimes lead to something serious.

  • Extracurricular Activities: What’s better than connecting with someone who has a common interest?

Bonus Points: For the brave souls who tell strangers they think they’re cute.

I wish everyone luck in finding a bae because like I said before, winter is coming.