Good Evening, fellow Cow aficiondos! I know what you’re thinking- you’ve never heard that mantra about 5 glasses before. Well, I will explain. You eat three square meals a day which obviously includes a full glass of milk (we don’t discriminate- as long as you’re supporting our cows, we’re happy but we strongly urge 1% for the creamy-but-not-too-heavy flavor). Then you will probably get hungry mid-morning, eat a snack and drink a glass of milk. Then, come 3 o’clock, you will get hungry again, and this will lead to a trip to the frig and another glass of milk consumed. And voila! Five glasses a day. Not too hard, right? If you’re feeling really gutsy and for all you overachievers out there, a sixth glass can be consumed before bedtime to calm your nerves. Who needs camomile tea- water with the flavor of leaves- when you can enjoy a bone-fortifying, creamy textured drink called M.I.L.K.?

While you’re contemplating that, you can listen to this week’s broadcast of tunes. Also, I just realized I messed up the mike. Oops.

Keep slurpin’ suckas!


  1. Friday, I’ll Be Over You- Allison Iraheta
  2. I Don’t Wanna Dance- Hey Monday
  3. I’m Just Here for the Music- Paula Abdul
  4. Masquerade- Ashley Tisdale
  5. Rehab- Amy Winehouse
  6. Beautiful- Akon
  7. Break Anotha- Blake Lewis
  8. Run- Benton Paul
  9. A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton
  10. Breaking Pavements- Adele
  11. Orinoco Flow- Celtic Women