You have your universal apps like Instagram and a Snapchat, but what about apps specific to Cornell? Whether you need help finding food or a ride, here’s the good and bad of apps that will help get you through the semester.



Good: Whenever you feel like taking a joy ride, Zagster is there to help you rent out a bike. Whether you want to foo cruising down the hill with some friends on a late night or opt to ride instead of walk, Zagster will help you unlock those bikes.

Bad: We’re college students with little money and having  to pay to ride a bike is less than ideal.



Good: Rather than walking cluelessly into dining halls,  you can make well-informed decisions for your next meal. You also can find out which dining halls and cafes are open so you don’t walk to a place that opens late or closes early. The app also lets you track your BRBs and meal swipes, which can come in handy for when those Terrace salads start to add up.

Bad: This means that everyone has access to the menus on campus, so when there’s a good selection there is going to be a ton of people there. That means long lines and long lines means waiting, something us college students just do not want to do. Plus, you’ll get nervous when you notice your BRBs are dangerously low and there are still weeks left in the semester.



Good: You can see in live time where your bus is in relation to your location. When it gets cold this is perfect to avoid waiting outside 20 minutes for a bus.

Bad: Sometimes the app glitches and what was once 3 minutes turns to 18 minutes. You have to swipe to ensure that you’re looking for the bus on the right side of the street, which can be difficult when you’re multitasking and distracted.



Good: When you’re planning your day in advance this will give you the means to do it. Input your destination and find different routes and the times when the bus will be arriving.

Bad: The app is detailing when the bus should come, not when it is actually coming, which can be frustrating. If a bus is running early you might have to sprint to catch it and if it’s running late you’ll be waiting impatiently outside in typical TCAT fashion.


Cornell Emojis & Filters

Good: Display your school pride and declare your love for the Big Red. If someone doesn’t know you go to Cornell they’ll definitely know after you send them these emojis.

Bad: People may think that you’re obsessed with Cornell and you might get addicted to adding bears to all your messages. (But is that really a bad thing?)


Overall, these apps will make your life much easier, despite having some minor glitches and painful reminders. They’ll help you survive the cold weather and the gnawing in your stomach that is hunger. After downloading these necessities you’ll feel like a true Cornellian.