The American Heart Association reported that when performed correctly, Hands-Only CPR can double or even triple a victim’s chance of survival. Hands-Only CPR Training does not provide you with a full certification. Rather, its purpose is to be a quick and easy to learn skill that gives everyone a basic understanding of what to do when they witness someone go into cardiac arrest. The intervention of a bystander in calling 911 and imitating compressions plays a critical role in the outcome of a victim.

Zac Petrucci ‘18, the EMS Director of Operations and a main organizer of the event, shares how the initiative is really important to him because “it empowers the community to feel confident and able to take action in the event of an emergency before EMS arrives. Additionally, rapid initiation of CPR has been shown to have a huge impact on the outcome of cardiac arrest victims so in receiving the training, members of the Cornell community can directly have an impact in potentially saving a life.”

CU EMS has already trained members of the Heavyweight crew team, the Student Assembly, the wrestling team, and has tabled throughout campus to train individuals. They have some upcoming trainings with dorms, Greek houses, and many more organizations around campus.

One past participant, Matthew Indimine ‘18, EVP of the Student Assembly, reflected about how he believes “it is extremely valuable to empower leaders of different communities to learn this life-saving skill because you never know when and where it will be necessary.”

Another past participant, Brian Realbuto ‘17, of Cornell Wrestling, remarked that the training “was a great experience to learn about how to be prepared during an emergency situation. Everyone on our team walked away with a valuable life skill that could save someone’s life. It was also great meeting some of the people who devote themselves to taking care of our community.”

For a group of 50 people, the training should only take 20 minutes!  The trainings are absolutely free, and because they are so dedicated to their initiative, CU EMS will accommodate to every group’s schedule. They also highly encourage you to reach out to set up a date and time for future trainings! For more information please email