This artist has been around for a while but has never really had his HUGE moment so I feel like he is appropriate for this week’s memorandum. If you haven’t already heard of Logic he’s an insanely dope rapper from Maryland that I want to be friends with.

Logic is kind of like the Girl Talk of hip-hop. He mixes samples of popular instrumentals by Kanye, Nas, Kid Cudi, Biggie etc. with dialogue from random stuff like Family Guy and Star Wars…weird but also awesome. I like that Logic’s lyrics are easily relatable too. He’s only 22 and fortunately for the most part he doesn’t rap about models and bottles in clubs and cliche subject matter that surrounds hip-hop. He talks about being a kid, struggles in his own life and finding his way. Perhaps my FAVOURITE thing about Logic are his videos. He and his friends produce insanely cool music videos which are basically massive dance parties that I wish I was at. Here are some of my Logic favorites ….


Above is the video for ‘The Spotlight‘ and is my all time favorite. Off the mix-tape Young Sinatra: Undeniable it samples Justice’s D.A.N.C.E and dialogue from Star Wars. DON’T YOU JUST WANT TO BE IN THE VIDEO?!

Below is another favorite, his most popular video ‘All I Do.’ Gumby for no reason at all!

This is ‘No Biggie’ which samples “Juicy”, “Kick in the Door” and dialogue from 8 Mile.

One of Logic’s more chill songs below is ‘We Get High‘ he raps over “St. Elmo’s Fire” by Michael Franks.


Look out for next week’s Hip-Hop Memorandum