Recently a lot of people have been asking me if I like Action Bronson…so I figured i’d feature him this week for those who don’t really know who he is. Action Bronson is the 260 pound, ginger-bearded, Knicks hat-wearing, blunt smoking rapper you’ve been seeing all over the Internet. And yes, I love him.

A native of Flushing, NY, before Bronson started rapping he was a seriously successful gourmet chef. Bronson dropped his first full length mix tape Bon Appetit…Bitch in 2011 with little fervor. Finally, in March 2012 after the release of a second fairly unheeded EP, Bronson collaborated with producer Party Supplies and dropped the hugely successful tape Blue Chips. This past November he dropped yet another tape Rare Chandeliers with rapper The Alchemist which ended up being one of the most critically acclaimed mix tapes of 2012 (plus he signed a huge record deal with Warner Bros.) Finally able to shake the incessant Ghostfast Killah comparisons (listen to Ghostface and Bronson back to back and you’ll hear it) Bronson is making serious strides in the game: he’s been featured on tracks with Wu-Tang, landed on A$AP Rocky’s album and collab’d with Statik Selektah and N.O.R.E., not to mention he was just featured as one of XXL mag’s Top Ten Freshman to look out for.

Action’s sound revives a classic New York rap style and his wicked humor makes his persona as engrossing as his 90s vibe…not to mention lyrics from dirty sex to esoteric food obsessions. Bronson seems to be rap’s foremost ridiculous yet rewarding character. Check out some of my favorite Action songs below.


Action dropped this video on the internet two years ago before anyone really knew who he was. Still one of my favorites today.

below is the ridiculous video for ‘The Symbol’ off Rare Chandeliers

this is the second track off of Blue Chips, ‘Steven Wynn’ (Action dropped a video for it in November but it’s kind of lame, so just listen to the song)

and finally one of my favorites off Blue Chips, Tapas


Look out for next week’s Hip-Hop Memorandum.