Ideally in any given situation the brightest possible person should be making decisions and guiding the group. When picking a leader generally I want to find the most intelligent and fair minded person to lead the group. Sure if they have opinions that are in line with those that I identify with; however, I am more concerned about that the decisions made for the future are made by the person most capable of making the best decision. Do we deserve anything less from our government or our politicians? We should have the best and the brightest in office to lead our country.
I think that and then I watch a political debate or an interview or frankly any of the actions of the various candidates for public office and I just don’t see it. I watch Rick Perry bumble through a debate looking more like the fifth grader who tries to throw a pithy put down in a social studies debate and then suddenly the talking points leave him. Honestly I see him speaking and I can’t help but think he is on stage and forgot his lines. This is troubling not only that he can’t remember his talking points for a debate, a problem in and of itself, but that it appears he has a set of memorized responses that he spits back without the ability to actually think of responses on the spot. If he is sitting with a foreign dignitary I would like to think that he could actually formulate a response on the spot. I just watch him and don’t see it.
I look next to him and I see Herman Cain. This is the same Herman Cain, the current surging candidate, who once spoke against the “Obamacare” bill because it was 2,000 pages. He then said that he would only pass bills that were three pages so we would have time to read them. Naturally the comedians had a field day with this as frankly they should’ve. John Stewart proposed Herman Cain adopt “I am Herman Cain and I do not like to read” as a campaign slogan. I was reminded of when Seth Myers said “The healthcare bill is over 2,000 pages good. A bill that insures every person in America should be longer than The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”
While Herman Cain’s dislike of reading is disheartening his tax plans are downright frightening. His now famous 9-9-9 plan seems like a deal from Taco Bell not a tax plan. The first nine is a nine percent income tax on all taxpayers except for those in “empowerment zones” who would pay no taxes. This coupled with a national nine percent sales tax and a nine percent corporate tax all combine to be flat taxes. So basically regardless of what you earn for income you pay the same in taxes. However there must be something to be said for the greatest earners pay more by proportion of their income. Should the guy serving Warren Buffett a steak being paying the same percentage of his income as Buffett? While sure it’s necessarily fair that someone has to pay more solely because they make more or work harder, I just can’t get my head around a flat rate tax simply puts way more pressure on those making barely enough than those who are way more comfortable. Oh and don’t forget that the current estimate for this plan place it about 360 billion dollars short of the current revenue structure.
My question is whether we can find a candidate who actually seems like they have a smarter plan. The other candidates are really not much better and this is not limited to republicans and I am sure next time I am looking for an article topic Bachmann, Romney, Paul, or Obama will go on the chopping block. Let’s elect someone who actually has a smarter plan.