I know I’m going to regret this, but it’s time the world (or at least the Cornell Community) knew about Goldie’s. The physical science building is finally finished, and the brand new glass exterior isn’t the only thing exciting about it’s completion. The new building not only boasts an array of tables, comfortable chairs (in the same vein as Duffiled), and beautiful natural light from the grey skies above, but the building put in a brand new eatery known as Goldie’s. Goldie’s boasts a long list of specialty sandwiches as well as daily soups.  It is even equipped with a Starbucks! Even I don’t condone Starbucks, but the Cornell employed barista Darren is definitely a character worth meeting. Though the prices are on the expensive side, the food is well worth it, especially with my weekly lunch crew (shout out to Milos, Molly, Kenyon, Ryan, and Cameron – if we can ever get together again). So the next time you’re looking for something new, check out Goldies and order the Apple Brie Melt, or the Chicken Panini Sandwich, or even the pot roast roll served on a scrumptious pretzel bun.

No picture offered at this time – They were out of the Apple Brie Melt! – Check back next week.