Male contestants lined the stage in front of their fraternity brothers and peers to compete for the Alpha Phi Ivy Man 2013 title. On Saturday, November 9, the Ivy Man competition, Alpha Phi’s largest national philanthropy event, took place at Statler Hall to support Women’s Heart Health and give participants a chance to show off their talents.

Co-hosts Trevor Burns ‘14 and Colleen Duffy ‘14 began the show with music and humor and had all nine contestants enter the stage shirtless while dancing. Participants included Ben Hearns, Benny Johnson, Taylor Wright, Marcelo Domeniconi, Steven Wolfsthal, Carter Clarke, Ryan Hynes, Brian Pollack, and Michael Angelo.


The boys were rated for their performances in three categories: swimsuit, talent, and question-answer. For the talent portion, roller-skating, dancing, and reciting the lyrics to 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop,” were among the many skills the audience had the chance to watch.


Base, a dance group, and Cayuga’s Waiters, an all male a cappella group, performed between acts.


Many Cornell students were happy they attended the event. Andrea Brenner ’17 “thought it was hilarious and so entertaining. I would definitely recommend going. It was such a funny take on a typical beauty pageant.”


Erin Siegel ’17 said, “I really enjoyed the Ivy Man event! I thought that it showcased the spirit of Alpha Phi very well and also the sense of community connection between individuals involved in Greek Life and those who are not. It was a great way to spend a night, we had a lot of fun, and it was an amazing way to raise money for a meaningful cause. I’d absolutely go again!”


A number of Alpha Phi girls participated in the planning of Ivy Man in order to make it a successful event. According to Laura Ardila ’17, Alpha Phi President, Vice President of Campus Affairs oversees the entire event and focuses mostly on the philanthropy part, while the Ivy Man Chair helps select the contestants and focuses on logistics.


In order to choose the contestants, the leaders of the event sent out surveys to sports team, fraternities, and other student groups. After receiving roughly 220 surveys with nominations of different men for the competition, the leaders sat down and looked for the funniest guys with special talents to include in the final nine. Each of the final nine contestants was assigned two or three beauty coaches, who helped train them for the three categories of the competition, Ardila said.


The president of Alpha Phi, the president of Panhellenic Counsel, and the president of the Interfraternity Counsel acted as the judges and used a scorecard, where they ranked each contestant from one to five depending on his balance of creativity and humor.


Mike Angelo reigned as the Ivy Man 2013 winner, with Steven Wolfsthal taking runner-up and Marcelo Domeniconi winning the People’s Choice award, given to the guy who receives the most money from the crowd in the container dedicated to him.


Ardila felt the event “went really well. We sold out, people had a lot of fun, and we raised around $8,000 for a great cause.”


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–Lindsay Cayne, Slope Media News freelance journalist.