With its crisp vocals and melodic lyrics, alternative pop singer-songwriter Janelle Kroll’s EP Outsider will feel right at home in your music library. Despite Outsider technically being Kroll’s debut EP, she certainly isn’t an outsider to the music scene. A number of dance tracks have featured her vocals, including Dennis Ferrer’s “Mind Ur Step,” Autograf’s “Metaphysical,” and Moon Boots’ “Utopia.” Last year, Janelle Kroll’s “Sunny Days” lit up the charts after being featured on Spotify’s New Music Playlist. With today’s release (Lokal Legend Records) of Outsider, Janelle is sure to electrify the charts with her soulful, electronic-R&B stylings.



On the lead single of the EP, Janelle opens with the lively and energetic “FVR.” Janelle’s sultry vocals grant the track a dark and mysterious vibe at first, before smoothly guiding the song into the more upbeat verses and chorus to follow. Despite the song’s sentimental lyrical content, “FVR” presents itself as an irresistibly catchy track, reaffirming the decision to make it the lead single.

Airy drums and a deep, driving bassline give a warm sound to the follow-up track and single, “24 hrs.” Again, Janelle highlights her ability to write and sing infectious hooks and melodies. In explaining the meaning of the NYC-inspired track, Janelle describes the song as “an ode to predictable parties in unfamiliar places with strangers, and an expression of detachment felt within the anonymity of the night and of the city.” Continuing, Janelle labels the track as a “plea for authenticity” – emphasizing a clear lyrical theme of the EP.



While Janelle certainly shines in her more upbeat tracks, it is clear she has equal, if not greater potential in writing and singing slow-building tracks such as “Balcony Song.” This track particularly stands out on the album as the most cohesive exemplification of Janelle’s singer-songwriter talent. Raw emotion shines through the track’s gentle roll and lyrical depth. One can see glimpses of this throughout the EP of course, including on “24 hrs” and title-track “Outsider.”

Janelle’s sultry vocals make her a force to be reckoned with, her tracks simultaneously infectious and moving. Ultimately, Janelle Kroll shows great potential in the genre, and it’s easy to see why the music industry has been taking notice. Keep an eye out for the release of Outsider tomorrow, and for Janelle’s music to be hitting your Top 40 playlist in the near future.


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