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What is Slope Media?

Slope Media Group is the leading student-run multimedia group at Cornell. Unlike other groups, Slope accepts members of any experience level to join. We provide all of the equipment that our members need along with the basic training needed to use it. Members are also free to suggest, take on, and lead their own projects across each of our departments.

What does Slope do?

Slope Media consists of both a Content and an Operations Division.  They consist of Writing, Music, Video, Photo, Design and Branding, Marketing and Outreach departments. These departments create their own, original content and campaigns. We also partner with other organizations to create branded and sponsored content.

As a teaching organization, we help you develop the skills you need to write buzzworthy articles, edit viral videos, layout beautiful magazines, or strategize brilliant social media campaigns. All you need is an interest in digital media, an upbeat attitude, and a willingness to learn!

Interested in joining?

Where are Slope Alumni now?

Alumni have gone on to work for some of the world’s most prestigious companies across a variety of sectors in media, technology and entertainment.

This summer, our members also interned at companies including IBM, Hachette Book Group, Viacom, Barclays, Sheraton Hotels, The Walt Disney Company, Morgan Stanley and more.

Slope Media provides members with unique experiences and valuable skills that, when combined with our vast alumni network, allow for incredible opportunities in their future careers.