Late nights often feel more calming with a nice warm (and sometimes caffeinated) drink to make your evening. Whether you are in the need for a caffeinated boost, or a soothing feeling, there are so many drinks to choose from to get your late night fix. Here’s what your late-night beverage choice says about you:



Who doesn’t need a nice glass of water to drink before bed? Sometimes all we need to feel at ease are the bare necessities. If water is what gets you through the night, you probably strive for what’s healthiest and most fulfilling.




Whether you want a nice soothing fix like Chamomile Tea, or something filled with caffeine, like Earl Grey, tea always has your back. If tea is your poison, chances are you crave consistency, but you have a spontaneous side. If you’re feeling extra ~wild~ you’ll choose a tea at random from the amalgam of flavors in your box, just to keep things exciting.



3~Warm~ Milk

Your love for a nice warm glass of milk in the middle of the night shows your disposition to keep with tradition. Although the nights are rare in which we crave a glass of milk–unless of course it’s mixed with coffee–the idea of having milk in the middle of the night is definitely a calming concept. (Especially when Oreos are involved.)



4Energy Drinks

Those who prefer energy drinks are generally hardcore and like to live life on the edge. Have a prelim you need to spend all night cramming for, and know coffee and espresso won’t do the trick? 5 Hour Energy to the rescue! This will probably be your last effort towards saving your grade, so you might as well use all your caffeinated options, right?




Those who choose coffee to get them through the night may be accused of being “basic”, but are efficient. After all, coffee is the most simplistic drink you could probably have that gives you both a boost of energy and soothing feel. Need to finish that 10 page paper you waited last minute to start–coffee is sure provide the boost you need to submit that paper you worked so hard to write in Mann at 2 AM.



6Orange Juice

If OJ is your drink of choice at night, chances are you don’t want your energy and academic success to come at the expense of your health. An alternative to water, OJ is definitely very healthy and a good source of Vitamin C. Recent research also suggest that orange juice can give you some energy and help you stay motivated and focused on your studies.




The more conservative choice for an energy boost during those information-filled, cramming all nighters, espresso will definitely help when you need an extra kick to get you through the night. As an espresso drinker, you’ll definitely be around Libe and Mann for those early morning cram session because you need more than just the usual caffeine intake to save you from falling asleep at your desk. A better option compared with the energy drink alternative, it definitely provides enough caffeine for those stressful nights. Not too energized and not too sleepy–just right.



Whether you need a fast energy boost, a nice soothing drink, or a healthy alternative to caffeine, choosing the right late night drink makes your late nights that much better. It doesn’t matter if you want to relax after a long day of class or stress about those 100 pages you have to read for lecture tomorrow–there’s a drink for everyone’s type. After all, sometimes all you need is a cup of your favorite drink to make you feel better.