The start of a new semester may instill a sense of dread in some of us, in others excitement. Regardless of how you feel, there’s one thing we all can agree on: the next few months are a marathon, not a sprint. That means need to be ready to stay with it for the long haul and just have fun with it!
One of the hardest parts of any new semester is getting used to the new sleep schedule, since most of us didn’t wake up before noon over break. . Since waking up is going to be a challenge, here are some songs to give you a bit more motivation to get up and get going. Whether you play these songs in the shower, or in your room as you get ready for the long day ahead, these tracks are sure to get you pumped and ready to tackle the day’s challenges. From all of us at Slope Media, good luck this semester and make sure to continue checking in weekly for playlists from Slope Music!