Everyone loves getting gifts on their birthday, but when friends from home go to college across the country it can be hard to celebrate them on their special day. Mail order birthday treats like cupcakes, cookies, and cakes offer a perfect solution to this problem and have become a serious trend. So many unique NYC businesses allow their goodies to be ordered and delivered across the nation. There are so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know what’s best for your bestie. Luckily, I love desserts and have tried almost every trendy mail order treat!


The Most Basic Option: Baked by Melissa


 If you have an adventurous friend who loves to try new and exciting things, order them Baked By Melissa. Baked By Melissa offers so many flavors, and because their portions are small, you can try them all without getting overly full. There’s a flavor for everyone, ranging from chocolate chip cookie dough to triple chocolate fudge, and even peanut butter and jelly! A pack of twenty five is available at twenty five dollars, and includes the classic flavors as well as the cupcake of month. If bite-sized cupcakes aren’t your thing, no worries–Baked By Melissa sells bite-sized macaroons and muffins as well. Who could ask for a better birthday surprise?


The Most Unique Option: Momofuku Milk Bar


For your most unique friend, who can’t be put into one category. Momofuku Milk Bar is a boutique dessert shop in Manhattan, specializing in interesting flavors and innovative treats. Their most iconic treat that you’ve probably seen splattered across social media is a frozen yogurt flavored with cereal milk. However, their other famous treat, birthday cake truffles, are a bit more practical to mail. As the name sounds, these are basically like birthday cake “cookie dough.” You can send a box of a dozen for just $18. Momofuku Milk Bar also sells cute and delicious cakes you can ship along as well.


The Healthiest Option: Edible Arrangements


Send an Edible Arrangements basket to your healthy friend you still deserves to have something a lil sweet on their birthday. These friends are the ones who always are sending you snaps of them at the gym, their green smoothies, or their quinoa salads. Edible Arrangements offers the ability to eat healthy and delicious fruit, but with chocolate at the same time. You can order fruit that’s created to look like flower bouquets (hence the name “edible arrangement”) or boxes of chocolate covered strawberries or other fruits of your choosing. Your health-nut friend will appreciate that you how much she loves fruit, but also that you want to celebrate her special day!


Most Likely to Make You Smile: Crumbs


For your sweetest friend, the one who is always happy and considerate. These cupcakes will bring a smile to their face, just like they always do for you! Crumbs has both normal sized and mini cupcakes, with amazing flavors. My personal favorite is the cookie dough cupcake, it’s the perfect combo of the two desserts! They also have flavors like apple crumb, chocolate, red velvet, and strawberry! All Crumbs cupcakes are baked fresh and can be sent to your bestie for around forty dollars.


The Classic Option: Levain Bakery


For your classic, dependable friend who you might not talk to everyday, but know they will always be there. Levain Bakery is world renowned for their insanely big, insanely good cookies. The trick with these babies is to put them in the microwave when you’re ready to eat them after getting this birthday present in the mail. The cookies get super soft and super gooey, just like they taste fresh out of the ovens of NYC. These cookies are a bit pricey, as it is four cookies are twenty seven dollars, but the cookies are massive believe me. Four cookies could feed a starving group of college students without a problem.


The Most Adventurous Option: DŌ


For your strong willed and independent friend, who always eats the cookie dough before it’s baked. This cookie dough is crafted in NYC and can be sent all over the nation! It can have chocolate chips, sprinkles, cake batter, s’mores, etc. It also lasts for over three weeks in the fridge or three months in the freezer, so this gift can just keep on giving! Everyone loves cookie dough, and this is the best way to eat it.


The Most Travel-Friendly: Wicked Good Cupcakes


These cupcake jars are perfect for your fun friend who’s always on the go. Whether your friend is on a sports team, or always travelling, they will appreciate the way these cupcakes are easily transported. The jars make them so easy to eat a little and save for later, or to bring in a backpack for a treat later on. Send a two-pack of cupcake jars for just $20.

No matter what the treat, your friend will love the thoughtfulness you show when you celebrate their birthday! If you can’t be together, send a treat you know your friend will love. You will be happy because they’re happy, and because eating more dessert is never a bad idea!