I apologize. I am sorry to anyone who read my article in the magazine. I said that Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Jon Huntsman were sticking around for the sole purpose of garnering enough attention to get a show on Fox News. Frankly I think any of the three would be willing to take a show on Fox News, but I was wrong to say that they are not going to win. Ever since I submitted that article the previous front running candidates have taken the kind of nose dive that would not shame an Olympian, and just as graceless as the divers are graceful. Rick Perry bumbled enormously, epically, and uh uh I can’t remember the third one. Oops. We found out Herman Cain never learned to keep his hands to himself. Michelle Bachmann has tried hard to remain relevant however earlier gaffes and her poisonous social policy keep her in the background. Watching a foreign policy debate, it almost seems like she actually did her research before a debate to the surprise of just about everyone. Mitt Romney enjoyed watching everyone implode and frankly it couldn’t get any better every time one of his fellow candidates seemed to gain momentum, we actually got to know them. Each time it turned out these revelations were to their detriment. Then Romney started talking, and something that had always stuck around the periphery of his campaign reared its ugly head, or more accurately two heads. There were several instances of Romney changing his views from those of his gubernatorial campaign. Then suddenly it wasn’t just one view. These days it seems like he has at some point supported both sides of every issue. Basically the previous field has imploded. Maybe Tim Pawlenty should have stuck around.
So now that the dust has started to settle again, at least for now. Where does the field stand? Well the current leader appears to be Newt Gingrich, who, while brilliant, just seems to be too contemptuous to be likable. It’s hard to deny his resume, a PhD, former multiple term senator, de facto leader of the Republican Party before becoming speaker for the house. The problem with Gingrich is that he just seems too mean and cocky to really engender support outside of his camp. He epitomizes the term “Washington Insider” and a vote for Newt is essentially gambling that there are more Republicans than Democrats in the United States because he will be hard pressed to get votes from across the aisle with his reputation as a hard line Republican who essentially writes the party doctrine.
So what about Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum? Recently both have been quietly performing more than passably during the debates. Huntsman has propounded a free trade economic policy and as former ambassador to China, he boasts significant foreign policy experience. He seems like the type of moderate that could move out of Romney’s shadow as a Mormon former governor to pose problems later in the campaign. Santorum on the other hand seemed to start out as a shock value candidate that relied on talking points has branched out to proclaim some interesting views on foreign and domestic policy shunning the isolationist views that some of the more hard line candidates. I didn’t forget the little libertarian that could, might, and maybe even should win. He is still consistently hitting his points but frankly the Republican electorate is just not ready for him.