Joey Hines

What is Slope Media Group? A better question is who are we? To sum it up, we are the leading student-run multimedia powerhouse at Cornell University. If you’re looking to join one of the most ambitious organizations at Cornell, or looking to make friends and connections that will last a lifetime, or just looking to try something new, read on! Here’s what you need to know about us:

1We’re Entirely Student-Run

Slope Media Group is for students, by students. Thanks to our byline funding, we are able to provide our members with the equipment and resources they need in order to tackle the projects they want. So if you want to run a video series or a photo campaign, you can do it; we have the equipment. If you have a zany marketing idea, you can give it a spin; we’ll buy what you need.

2Opportunities in Content Creation AND Business Operations

Slope consists of both a Content and a Business Division. Underneath each of these divisions are several departments that will allow for you to gain experience in content creation (writing for print and online, music, photo, video, and design) and in business operations (finance, human resources, branding, marketing, and outreach).

3We’re a Teaching Organization

In addition to being a multimedia organization, we’re a teaching organization too. There are no applications to join, and we don’t have a rush process. The only requirements for you to join are to show up to department meetings, and to have a motivation to learn! It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-semester freshman or a second-semester senior either, if you want to get involved, we’ll take you under our wing!

4We Don’t Do Slope Day

But we will be the first to report the announcement of who the new artist is. We’ve been the first to report it for the past few years now, so keep an eye on our Facebook page – if you catch our drift.

5We Work With Just About Every Group on Campus

In our ten-year history, we’ve probably worked with just about every club on campus at least once or twice. Joining Slope is a great way to meet people in other organizations and make connections with some of the biggest leaders on campus! On that note, if we haven’t worked with you yet, reach out to us here!

6We Have an Info Session Coming Up!

On Wednesday, February 15th at 5PM in RPCC Auditorium, you can learn more about Slope Media and what we do. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet our Executive Board, and maybe get some free Slope swag in the process. RSVP to the Facebook event here!