With the last week of classes already reeling in, finals are the next big catch. Students across campus will invade public study spaces and before you know it, at every angle there will be a Cornellian wearing earbuds while reviewing notes, studying their textbooks, and hammering down on their laptop keyboard. When the time comes for you to get in gear, you will most likely find yourself with your headphones on, ready to conquer…just like the many students you passed by while searching for an empty study spot in Uris, Olin, Mann or whichever building you were brave enough to enter during the most stressful two weeks of the semester.  

For many young adults, listening to music while completing assignments or preparing for difficult tasks is what brings life to a tiresome reality. It is always a good idea to add onto whatever keeps your momentum going while you check the next thing off your never-ending to-do list. If music is your primary tactic of self-motivation, check out this list of albums by lesser known acts. New music + taking breaks + reading Slope = An Energized You Who Will Leave the Semester Feeling Unstoppable!

1Phantogram – Voices

Personal Favorites: Fall in Love, Howling at the Moon, Celebrating Nothing

2Paper Route – The Peace of Wild Things

Personal Favorites: Letting You Let Go, Better Life, Love Letters

3Last Dinosaurs – In a Million Years

Personal Favorites: Weekend, Zoom, Honolulu (but seriously every single track)

4Kane Strang – Two Hearts and No Brain

Personal Favorites: My Smile is Extinct (this song has been stuck in my head since September), Oh So You’re Off I See, * the title track of course *

5Hellogoodbye – Would it Kill You?

Personal Favorites: Finding Something to Do, Betrayed by Bones, The Thoughts That Give Me the Creeps (it’s tough to play favorites on this one… each song is golden)

6Edison Glass – Time Is Fiction (the album is fire)

Personal Favorites: Our Bodies Sing, The Jig is Up, All Our Memories

7Brad Sucks – I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Personal Favorites: I Think I Started A Trend, Time to Take Out the Trash, Fixing My Brain

8The Drums (one of my favorite bands) – Abysmal Thoughts

Personal Favorites: Mirror (such a bop), Blood Under My Belt, Shoot the Sun Down

9Fazerdaze – Morningside

Personal Favorites: Lucky Girl (An all-time favorite), Little Uneasy, Take it Slow

10Car Seat Headrest – Teens of Denial

Personal Favorites: Fill in the Blank, Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales (AMAZING), Unforgiving Girl

Knock out those finals with some quality tunes!