This post is sponsored by Cornell Hillel. Find more information about Big Red Bar Mitzvah here.

Ever heard of a bar mitzvah? If not, please let me share,

I’ll try to encompass (close to) all that goes on there.

Rookie or seasoned professional, all the same,

Step 1 is an invitation with an enlarged text of the bar mitzvah boy’s name.


Next comes the to-do list full of things to complete,

Like making sure each person on the guest list will have a seat.

Beyond that is the inevitable stress,

For a boy buying a suit and for a girl finding the perfect dress.


Sweet sixteens are cute but they do not compare,

The bar mitzvah truly is a one of a kind affair.

Decorations, lighting, food- so much to get in order,

Of bar mitzvah give-a-ways, you can say I am a hoarder.


Give-a-ways are free stuff with the bar mitzvah boy’s names,

Just one aspect of the production, along with taking funny pictures in decorative and silly frames.

A photo booth is a necessity for the party, of course,

For those funny old awkward stage pictures, it is a large source.

Doing the Cupid Shuffle or the Cha-Cha Slide,

There’s no way to avoid this part of the night, believe me we’ve all tried.

Throughout the night, you feel as if the dance floor is calling your name,

Did I hear Coke and Pepsi? (I swear it’s not lame!)


Not only is this a big, fun party but a meaningful experience as well,

It is a special time for the bar mitzvah to be welcomed into the community, so swell.

Dating back to Jewish heritage and tradition,

Becoming a bar mitzvah is a dream that many hope will come to fruition.


Whether you’ve made countless memory bottles covered in wax,

Or everything I’ve said so far is confusing you to the max,

You should consider going to a bar mitzvah here at Cornell,

It’ll be awesome so it’s not even a hard sell.


Big Red Bar Mitzvah is going to be lit,

The candle lighting ceremony is super legit,

It will definitely be worth it to stop by,

And if it sounds like too much for you, maybe just come to say hi.


This year is the seventh annual Big Red Bar Mitzvah celebration,

Much effort went into this year’s theme formation.

The theme is Gatsby so everything twenties will fly,

The night will definitely live up to your expectations, so it’s okay if they’re starting to get pretty high.


November 18th 10-1AM in Duffield Hall, be there or be square,

But before that, there will also be services of prayer.

Services will be held the same day at 10 am in Anabel Taylor Hall’s One World Room,

A light lunch will follow, as you might assume.


You heard it here first: come to the party of the year,

On the 18th, the reasons why it’s so important to go will all be clear.

Take my word for it or just go in blind,

Excitement and fun at Big Red Bar Mitzvah are things that you will surely find.


The experience of attending a bar mitzvah is something everyone should know,

For more details about the upcoming event, see the link below.

As I said, a bar mitzvah is a one of a kind affair,

Hoping to see each and every one of you there!