Dear Ithaca Weather,

It has technically been spring for over a month. Flowers should be in bloom, and the sun should be keeping us warm. There should not be any more snow on the ground. We shouldn’t need our heaviest winter coats to walk to class.

As it is almost May, the semester is beginning to wind down. We are reminded by our Timehops that at this point last year, we could easily walk around campus without a Canada Goose; in fact, we may have even wanted to spend time outside. The weather throughout the past few weeks is anything but normal for springtime, even for Ithaca.

There is nothing more depressing than trudging through snow in April. The snow in January and February—even March—does not faze us. We are accustomed to long walks huddled in our winter gear, but we never thought we would be needing this apparel past spring break. Some of us didn’t bring appropriate clothing back to school after spring break because we ignorantly thought we were done with the worst of it. But to now have more snow blowing in our faces than we had on our official snow day is a constant reminder of Ithaca’s frigid temperatures. We would settle for rain at this point.

After months and months of bundling up in coats, hats, gloves, and scarves, we are tired of the effort it takes to leave our dorms every morning. Will we ever be able to go outside without planning our layered outfits? Bundling up is exhausting, and it’s annoying to start sweating as soon as you step indoors—the buildings on campus are warmer than they need to be.

There’s nothing like a freezing cold day to completely un-motivate us to do work. Even though warm weather may tempt us to sit in the sun instead, at least we feel more equipped to tackle our work. On a cold day, not only are we tempted to stay at home instead of going to a library, but the weather puts Cornell’s campus in an overall saddened mood. We just want it to be spring already.

Before we knew about the unexpected continuation of winter, we had planned some outdoor events for the end of the semester, such as wine tours, formals, trips to the Farmer’s Market, and one last swim in the gorges before the semester ends. None of these exciting days are nearly as fun if we are bundled up and complaining about the cold. In fact, it may be so cold that this year, we’ll have to cancel some events altogether.

We carried our shorts, sandals, dresses, and light jackets back to school for no reason. We’re just going to have to wait to go home to wear these because it’s not happening in Ithaca anytime soon.

We are begging you, Ithaca: show us spring.


The Cold Students Who Want to Go Outside