Dearest Temple of Zeus,

Oh how I missed you over winter break. Your dining options and ambience are unmatched by any other spot on campus. Walking into Klarman is like no other feeling. Even on the cloudiest of Cornell days, your marble floors are always gleaming bright. Can’t forget the super fancy statue, too. Am I at the Met?

Coming straight from my morning classes, I dart to the soup line. What’s a Monday without your grilled cheese and tomato garlic soup? To my dismay, the line is absurdly long and when I get to the front, there is none left!! And it’s only 12:30pm. What’s up with that?? To top it off, there are zero tables in sight. This is why people hate Mondays.

Now that soup is out of the question and the sandwich and salad line is currently pretty short, I settle for my usual. Turkey and swiss on wheat, with all the veggies, of course. Trying to kill some time before my 2:55, I wander aimlessly looking for a table. It’s primetime at Temple, so the only reasonable option is to linger over other people’s tables until they decide to get up. My personal favorite way to snag a table is to stand really close to someone and tell your friends it looks like the person is about to get up. The person usually does. Solid pro-tip. But seriously, Zeus, why do you have such limited seating options? The whole main room is wide open!! Let’s add some more tables asap.

Once I finally grab a seat, I cannot be more at peace. There is no better way to spend that awkward gap between my 12:05 and 2:55 than at the cheeriest lunch spot on campus. The food never disappoints and your staff could not be nicer. While the lines can be a bit long and you can sometimes spend twenty minutes trying to find a seat, I’ll always come back to you.