February 28th, 2012

Wednesday 29th, February 2012 / 21:00

Sup listeners!

So in week two of the brand spanking new POWER HOUR UNDER THE CLOCK TOWER (formerly The Fifth Dimension)we continued with our usual – awesome music that is too cool for you you should be listening to.  We kept everything relatively upbeat as per usual.

So here’s today’s playlist:

  1. I Want the World to Stop by Belle and Sebastian
  2. Rearrange by Miles Kane
  3. Don’t Wake the Dead by Guards (which for the record I totally discovered before Sean)
  4. Not in Love by Crystal Castles
  5. Red Light District by Midi Matilda (another song of mine that Sean copied)
  6. Undercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club (sidenote 1: Martyn spelled like this is my mother’s maiden name. sidenote 2: Reid <3′s Two Door Cinema Club – pretty sure this is like the 8th TDCC song he’s played)
  7. Machu Picchu by The Strokes
  8. Serpents by Sharon Van Etten (my badass song of the week take due)
  9. Punching in a Dream by the Naked and Famous
  11. When I’m Small by Phantogram
  12. Steve McQueen by M83
  13. Nothing to Do by Bleeding Knees Club
  14. Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men (this song is a mixture of Beirut and The Hush Sound TO A FREAKIN T)
  15. Sebastian by Reptar (Reptar is the shit…as is this song)
  16. 212 by Azelia Banks
  17. Priorities by Belt

Now this last song is something special.  Belt is a new up-and-coming indie/alt band a la Tenacious D hailing from the lovely  Brooklyn (where I will one day reside).  They’re currently unsigned, but they just released an album. Check them out on spotify at your earliest convenience, or at beltmusic.com

I think that’s all for now, time to hit the books (lawlz…or watch Breaking Bad).  Hope you enjoyed.
One last thing:

As of this very instant, I am instituting a PHUCT contest.  After each week’s playlist is posted we want YOU to try to guess who picked which songs (if you know us at all it should be relatively easy, and this week I gave you several hints).
Anyways, after you decide who picked what, shoot us a facebook message with your guesses.  OH RIGHT! That means you have to FRIEND US ON FACEBOOK SO YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE TO OUR SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS! If you don’t have spotify….we’ll then that’s just sad.

First person with the right answer every week gets our undying love…until the next person wins.


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