As last semester was coming to a close, so was the primary season of the 2016 election. But many of us have since tuned out and were instead busy working on our tans, being the last intern in the office, and counting down the days to O week. In case you missed it, the fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was almost as entertaining as the Taylor vs. Kanye saga. Here’s a non-definitive ranking of some political drama that happened in the past 3 months.

10Sanders Bern-ed Out

Many thought the summer would start off with Bernie Sanders throwing in the towel. He gave his vote to Clinton in late June, but his supporters felt the Bern all the way to the Democratic National Convention.

9Trump and Clinton Chose Veeps

The hunt for running mates was in full swing long before convention time, but only came to an end in mid-July. Trump settled on Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, while Clinton chose Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. Trump and Pence don’t really seem like BFFs, but Kaine’s fluency in Spanish looks bueno for Clinton.

8Trump and Paul Ryan Have Bad Blood

After some hesitation, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan endorsed Trump in early June. Two months later, Trump said ‘two can play that game,’ and initially refused to endorse Ryan in his re-election. He later changed his mind, after facing pressure from other Republicans concerned about party unity.

7The Notorious RBG Gave Her Two Cents

Supreme Court Justice (and Cornellian!) Ruth Bader Ginsburg showed us her sassy side when she publicly denounced Trump, criticizing his ego and mocking his desire to be President. Trump responded saying, ‘you’re old, resign.’ But RBG is back in good graces after admitting her statement was “ill-advised.”

6Hill’s Email Drama Came to a Close

In early July, the FBI came out with the much-anticipated decision on Hillary Clinton’s using a personal email server for very big U.S. secrets. Long story short: it wasn’t criminal, but it wasn’t smart.  

5Melania Forgot to Use Turnitin

Melania Trump stole the show at the Republican National Convention with a speech that sounded a little too familiar, especially to the Obamas. It became pretty clear why she might have borrowed some phrasings when the First Lady’s speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention left many thinking #MichelleforPrez.

4Schultz Was A Major Party Pooper

The DNC was off to a rough start when chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned after leaked emails seemed to show the committee doing some shady things to favor Clinton over Sanders.

3Politicians Need A Lesson on Online Communication

More email issues. Trump made a comment that sounded to some that he was asking Russian intelligence to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails. A few weeks later, debate ensued again after a Trump comment, this time over whether he was threatening Clinton when he said there might be something 2nd Amendment people can do about her.

2A Candidate Arrives Fashionably Late to the Party

Obama recently told us how he really felt when he said Trump is “unfit to serve.” Some Republicans agreed. Enter Evan McMullin, a conservative Independent Party candidate who could be a Republican’s saving grace.

1Hillz Made #Herstory

Hillary Clinton made history as the first woman presidential nominee, and she and her hubby celebrated as shown.