With spring in full bloom, we get to see flowers, trees, and other aspects of nature flourish. The season is a time of new beginnings, signaling a change from the dead of winter to a newfound liveliness. Such a shift in seasons naturally also affects on personal and romantic relationships, as we transition from wanting comfort during “cuffing season” to something more casual, care-free in preparation for the summer.

The connection between the seasons is the basis of the playlist, “Spring Flings and Sad Things”. Played on shuffle, it provides a kaleidoscopic procession of songs that consists wholly of love songs from varying perspectives and different points in a relationship. Played in order, the songs start off with the joyous energy that new relationships may bring, but get progressively darker until the playlist reaches its end. Just as spring eventually transitions into summer, which eventually becomes winter, the playlist represents romantic ventures that have bright beginnings at the start but fade into gloom and heartbreak by the end.